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Our philosophy

Our philosophy is symbolized as the formula:

Education + Love2 = Happiness

Understanding the formula

The formula above is not just for our children but also families and staffs.
What makes people happy is a question that can trigger a very complex, philosophical debate.
We understand everyone is unique and have there own ideas of happiness. However we feel with this formula it provides people the tools to pursue their goals whatever they may be, allow them to make decisions which they feel will achieved their own happiness.

Philosophy for our children


We provide resources, personnel and techniques to stimulate, challenge, and motivate children to learn through fun, playful activities.


Children need to feel safe, confident, have a sense of belonging and empathy for others; to be confident, independent learners, who will push the boundaries and demand more for themselves.

This can only be achieved by all persons around them, from parents, practitioner and peers. We feel without love as a foundation, people can be educated but it does not mean they will be happy.

Philosophy for our adult community

With this philosophy it is not only applied to children but to parents/carers and staffs.
We as an organisation must never be complacent, we are always learning. Our staff, parents and carers are not unique to that so we must always aim to develop academically to have the skills and knowledge to support all of those in our community.
In terms of ‘Love’ means all adults need to feel wanted, have a purpose, be supported and understand they are never forgotten, never alone.

‘Happiness’ to us means to be demonstrating pride, passion, tolerance and understanding to ourselves and to those around us.