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Childrens Welfare

It is paramount the children are safe from harm and hazards. When children feel secure they will only then explore, development and progress to achieving their own happiness.

Risk assessments

We carryout daily risk assessments and monitor our environments and resources.

We carryout frequent and regular outings. Therefore me must monitor and assess the risks before carrying out the outing to make sure it is safe and we have all suitable resources for the children to meet their needs.


We have cameras in and out of the building making sure the children are safe at all times and provide valuable information for training and development purposes.

Child protection

All of our staffs have a DBS check, teacher prohibition checks (where suitable) and references from previous employers. Therefore none of our staffs have a history of concern.

We would regularly review case study and serious case reviews of past incidence elsewhere to critically evaluate our processes and policies. Therefore we significantly reduce the possibility of harm and much more aware of the signs.