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We aim to keep children safe and healthy which involves children’s diet to enhance their physical development.

We aim to keep children safe and healthy which involves children’s diet to enhance their physical development.


Designing our mealtimes

This is a very important decision and is reviewed at least once a year by senior managers and dietitian. Our current menu is planned for 2 weeks and it is rotate.

When designing the menu we considered:



The nursery provides a variety of foods with different textures and tastes for children to experience. Practitioners have to encourage children to try new foods.



We provide children with Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch and Tea with the aim that children will have food with their families after nursery. We have frequent mealtimes to supply children with a balanced diet and sufficient nutrient.



As well as offering children a variety of tastes, the nursery must also make sure that it offers the necessary balance between the different types of foods that children require for their physical, emotional and cognitive development: proteins, carbohydrates, fibre, fats, vitamins and minerals.

Care must be taken to ensure that this balance is achieved equally for children with vegetarian diets or whose diets do not include particular foods, and that all children are able to consume enough calories to meet their energy needs.



Meal and snack times take up a large part of children’s day in nursery, which should be enjoyable. Meal and snack times need to be recognised by both children and staff as opportunities to explore and enjoy different textures, shapes and colours just as much as they explore these in creative activities.



Practitioners need to sit with children when they are eating, eat the same foods and drinks and provide a model of good table manners. Although parents and carers do not usually share meal times in the nursery, they should remain involved: by detailed discussion before their child starts on their eating habits and requirements; by displaying menus prominently; notifying them of menu changes; providing daily information on how younger children have eaten and inviting their participation in special food events.



The nursery must provide for the individual food needs of all the children who attend. Some children may not eat particular foods due to the cultural, special dietary needs or religious practices of their families. Therefore we must provide alternatives to suit the needs of the children but keeping a balanced diet.



Children must be supported by practitioners in making their own food choices, in serving themselves and in deciding their own portion sizes. Enough time must be given to meal and snack times to allow to eat at their own pace. Children who refuse a food or meal will be encouraged, but never forced, to eat. Children will never be rewarded or punished for what they have, or haven’t, eaten.



We use fresh food (including fruits and vegetables) and are cooked where possible from fresh ingredients. Wasted food is always disposed of and never reused.



We have thorough hygiene and risk assessment procedures. We have a yearly inspection by environment health to monitor our practice. We have never received less than the best possible mark, which is 5 stars.



Holidays, festivals and religious celebrations provide valuable opportunities to celebrate differences in food experiences to which parents, carers and staff can also contribute and participate.


Salt and Sugar:

We understand that high salt and sugar levels are not healthy for children and adults. Therefore the nursery restricts salt or sugar to foods that are cooked, and by reducing the use of prepared foods further reduces the salt and sugar in the children’s food.



We offer children readily available water at all times, and at least one mealtime a day children have an option to consume milk.


Physical Activity:

We believe children must get regular physical exercise, outdoor play. This is for a number of reasons but one of which to keep them physical fit and agile.


Family meal at home

The menu is designed for families to have one last meal together at home before the child’s bedtime. We understand this is a very important time for many busy lives, so families can enjoy their quality time.