Purple Jay Peckham Rye & Nunhead

Purple Jay Peckham Rye is a long standing, established nursery serving Peckham Rye & Nunhead.

We provide children with a safe, engaging and educational environment. Our approach to childcare emphasises emotional intelligence, creativity/innovation and nature.

Address: 34 Waveney Ave, London, SE15 3UE

Ages Taken: 3 month to 5 years

Opening Times: 7:30am to 6:00pm

What Makes Us Special?

1. Creating Compassionate Innovators

2. Integrating

3. Prioritising

Central to our approach is creating “compassionate innovators” a phrase we have coined to encapsulate the Purple Jay way of childcare that has been developed through hard research, decades of cumulative childcare experience across our team, and detailed parent surveys.

The approach is “to help nurture children that can innovate and create the life they want in a way that is compassionate to themselves, others around them and the planet”.

“Compassionate Innovators” puts the development of emotional intelligence and creativity/innovation at the very heart of things.

See here for some of the research supporting our approach.

Nature is integrated into every one of our Purple Jay Nurseries.

Whether that is through continued investment into our gardens and prioritisation of outdoor play, working harder to ensure more of the children’s activities take nature into account, or working with trusted and vetted external parties to deliver enriching nature based experiences for the children.

We seek to give children an awareness, understanding and appreciation of the natural world and the impact their actions can have on it, for better or worse.

Our experience shows, and mounting research supports, that making nature a bigger part of children’s lives has numerous physical and mental health benefits for them.

See here for a summary of research on the benefits of nature for children.

Great communication with our staff, parents, and children allows for calm, clarity, consistency and greater satisfaction overall.

Purple Jay Nurseries continues to invest significant time and resources to help ensure our parents have all the information they need, when they need it, in a way they are most receptive to so they feel as connected as possible to their children while they are in our care and get the vital peace of mind they deserve.

We have multiple open communication channels for parents to utilise and have a dedicated customer care staff member, which, more than anything, demonstrates how important communication is to us.

What Makes Us Special?

1. Creating Compassionate Innovators

2. Integrating

3. Prioritising

Why Purple Jay Peckham Rye?

When it comes to nurseries in Peckham, there are countless options, so why Purple Jay Peckham Rye? What makes us stand out? What makes us special?

Personal Approach

We provide a bespoke, personalised approach for each child in our nursery.

Ofsted ``GOOD``

Our nursery is rated “GOOD” by Ofsted. A testament to our quality across every aspect.

Low Pollution Area

Our nursery is on a quiet, low pollution road.

Fully Trained Staff

Our staff are fully trained and qualified. They undergo regular training so they can always provide the best service.

Multiple, Fully Equipped Rooms

Multiple, fully equipped rooms provide children with an engaging, stimulating and enriching environment.

Focus on Creativity & EQ

Unlike many others, we focus on developing your child’s creativity & emotional intelligence.

Family Run with Family Values

We’re a family run nursery with real family values, treating your little one as one of our own.

Transparency & Communication

Our staff take pride in communicating closely so you always know how your child is progressing.

Large Outdoor Play Area

Huge, expansive, varied play area in an ultra-low pollution environment.

High Quality, Healthy Meals

High quality, healthy, fresh, nutritionally balanced meals are prepared daily on site by our trained cooking staff.

Safe & Secure

We’ve spared no expense with safety and security. All elements of the nursery, interior and exterior, are secure, and staff are first aid trained.

Take Hygiene Very Seriously

We take hygiene seriously. 5 Star kitchens, daily cleaning of all rooms and strict COVID-19 compliance.

Irene Pinto, Purple Jay Peckham Rye Nursery Manager

Irene has been with Purple Jay Nurseries since 2015. She started as a practitioner, swiftly moving to becoming a deputy, and has been Purple Jay Peckham Rye’s Nursery Manager for 3 years.

Irene’s Favourite childhood book character is: Cinderella!

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