About Us

Established in 2011, Purple Jay Nurseries began with Mother Goose Nursery in Peckham Rye. Our CEO started his career as a student and practitioner of early years education and has worked through all the roles of our team as well as being a parent.

He believes early year’s education is vital to the wellbeing of our children. Emotional intelligence is important to consider when nurturing well-rounded individuals, allowing them to gain independence to make positive choices.

What is our purpose?

We know what children need during this special time of their life and will put in the effort and expertise to help them meet their goals academically and emotionally.

As a result, every family we have the pleasure of supporting will experience genuine care and attention throughout our bespoke learning approach.

We strongly believe early year’s education is vital to the mental wellbeing and academic development of our children, our future, and our society

Our philosophy

To empower children and adults to make positive choices and fulfil their own purpose with strong leadership qualities.


We nurture innovation and a desire to be better. Offering bespoke teaching for unique learners via an inclusive educational hub.

The Purple Jay story so far


Jarrod, our CEO, went to university with the ambition to make a difference, but wasn’t sure how. He enjoyed biology, so he studied biological science, but wasn’t sure if he wanted to be a medical doctor, pathologist or microbiologist. After completing the degree and work experience he realised none of these were right for him.

Discovering early years

Jarrod then joined the workforce by being a consultant to schools to help reduce their carbon footprint. Aiming to gain experience within coaching and management, he temporarily joined an early year setting. He loved it, the children were naturally funny and so curious with a keenness to learn. The parents and the practitioners had a shared goal that was clear, so the relationships were genuine and honest. This was different to so many workplaces he had been, they really wanted to help the children and families. This was a place where the workforce was making a big difference to so many children and families, without needing to be rewarded or even acknowledged, child satisfaction was enough.

Teacher becoming a parent

Jarrod started as a practitioner while he committed to the industry by completing an early years degree. There after he became the Purple Jay nursery manager, consultant and then nurseries owner. During this time he became a dad, which developed his desire to have a positive impact on all the people around him, including the nurseries. Although he was educated to look after other people’s children, to look after his own was a new experience and learning curve for him. It made him reflect on how to bring up his children with his own values.

Expert and parent but still a student

Jarrod realised a misconception he had, he thought his wife would be happy and potentially keen to let our girls go to nursery but he was very wrong. Although she knew all the practitioners, and the nursery plus her husband would be around, she still found it very hard to let the girls go. This was a very emotional and difficult time for her, he realised the nursery has to offer more than just academic education. We must support the family around the child to get the best possible outcome, we are all unique learners even with all our experience and expertise, we still need each other.

Realising his purpose in Early years and as a dad

This brought him to studying emotional intelligence, how it helps enhance academia, empathy and leadership. His aim for his daughters is to be self-disciplined and empowered to make positive choices for themselves and others around them. To have a purpose in life, which is fulfilling and something they can be proud of. He thinks many other parents feel the same, which is why at our nursery we focus on emotional intelligence to set the foundations of our learning to all the unique learners.

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