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8 Gems To Explore in Kennington

Feb 22, 2022

Whether you are just visiting, have just moved into the area or have lived here for years, we’re confident our handy guide on the hidden gems in Kennington will contain at least one little beauty you haven’t come across yet!

  1. Charlie Chaplin’s House.

Image source: The Telegraph

Yes, the world-famous, comic actor and film-maker that is most renowned for his work on silent cinema, lived in little Kennington for a portion of his life, so we highly recommend you check out his old crib. It can be found on 39 Methley Street

  1. Bee Urban.

Image source: Kennington Runoff / Bee Urban

For those unaware, the humble honeybee is critically important to the whole natural ecosystem. Bee Urban is a beekeeping and environmental education centre that is doing more than its bit to preserve these precious creatures and to educate others on why it’s important to do so. Bee Urban can be found in Kennington Park.

  1. The Cinema Museum.

Image source:

Kenning cinema lovers rejoice! Kennington is home to The Cinema Museum, a unique treasure that has been recognised as such, by winning the award for Most Loved Culture Spot by Time Out Magazine.

The museum is devoted to educating and exciting Londoners of the art and beauty of traditional cinema, before the days of multiplexes like Vue and Cineworld! It houses a really special selection of memorabilia, artefacts as well as equipment from one of the golden ages of cinema, starting from the 1890’s. It’s well worth a visit!


  1. Beefeater Distillery.

Image source:

Gin is the nation’s most popular spirit, and one of its most notable and most famous producers is none other than the Beefeater Distillery, which found its home in Kennington all the way back in 1958. We highly recommend you take a tour through the exciting history of gin and the Beefeater Distillery…and, you can even be treated to a sample or two at the end!

  1. Imperial War Museum.

Image source:

Did you know that one of the worlds leading museums on war is located in none other than Kennington?! It’s true. Sprawling over six floors, this monument to wartime struggle contains memorabilia, artefacts and weapons from World War 1 to the present. It provides a deep and fascinating insight into the impact war has had on the UK.

  1. Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens.

Image source: Time Out

Everyone knows about Kennington Park, but did you know that a short walk away is a smaller, lesser-known, but equally beautiful park called the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens? This one has an interesting and rich history.

The name comes from the 19th century when the gardens were very popular as a place of dining, visual arts as well as live music. Unsurprisingly, they quickly became attractive to Londoners and tourists across the class spectrum. Termed as a place “to see and be seen at”.

  1. Vauxhall City Farm.

Image source: Vauxhall City Farm

Yes, there is a functional, city farm right on your doorstep! The Vauxhall City Farm is home to an array of sheep, rabbits, pigs, ducks, and not to mention, three adorable alpacas; Ben, Jerry and Tom. The farm also features an ecology area, herb and dye garden as well as a picnic area. The farm is free and encourages individual and group visits. It holds a number of educational workshops throughout the year.

  1. The White Bear Theatre.

Image source: Londonist

An intimate fringe theatre attached to an old pub?! Kennington really does have it all! The White Bear prides itself on raising exposure for and nurturing new theatre talent by giving up and comers an open, risk-free platform to showcase their talents. So, if you’re looking for a truly unique theatre experience that is nice and local, then we highly recommend it!


And there you have it, a lovely list of little gems to explore in Kennington, some you may have heard of, but we’re confident there is at least one on our list that you won’t have come across, and hopefully, it has piqued your interest enough to explore it!


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