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Staying Open During Lockdown

Nov 16, 2020

Inspiration during lockdown

I am writing this to show our appreciation during the first lockdown in March 2020 until June. We were partially open to Key workers; this would not have been achieved with our dedicated and brave team members, as well as our wonderfully loyal and inspiring parents.

Terrifying lockdownWhen the nation and we got the news that we were going into a lockdown due to a pandemic, our collective emotions were fear. Then we realised we had the choice to close or stay open. This was a very difficult decision, as it seemed financially more effective to close than stay open, however morally it felt wrong. The decision was made we will stay open as long as we can, and this resulted in a conversation to all the team, ‘they can stay home but we plan to remain open, those who choose to work can remain with us’. Thankfully we had more staying than we needed. When the lockdown came into force we discovered most of the nurseries around us closed, resulting in a number of stranded key worker families. We were able to take them in and support or community. Our outstanding nursery teamsWe would not be able to stay partially opened to key workers without our staffs showing courage and dedication to our children, families and community. Thank you so much!Our outstanding familiesOur parents were also amazing and also made it possible for us to stay open. They were advised they did not have to pay any fees during this difficult and uncertain time, the majority who could afford it still contributed. This allowed cash flow to continue and gave us the sense of safety, so we felt we could do whatever was needed to keep the children and staff safe, but most of all this was owe inspiring. We knew feeling of fear and uncertainty was high, but that did not deter our parents. This gave us so much encouragement and motivation, we are proud to serve you and your children.

This tricky period showed us, we are lucky to have a great purpose in our life to care and educate the children of tomorrow, and thank you so much for supporting us then and now.

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