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What matters when choosing a nursery?

Dec 1, 2020

What matters when choosing a nursery?

Choosing a nursery can be a bit stressful for many people and families. Don’t worry, after reading this; you should feel like you know what you want? What to expect? And a few pointers to help you make your choice. Let us try to make this a fun journey for you and your little one.

Five steps on how to choose your nursery:

  1. Stop and ask yourself some critical questions
  2. Google it and recommendations
  3. Make the call
  4. Visit the nursery
  5. Make your choice and register

Stop and ask yourself some critical questionsDon’t rush in, have a little think about what is essential for you. Ask yourself, and make short notes:

  • What are my family values?
  • Why do we need to go to nursery?
  • How will the nursery help us meet our family values and needs?
  • How will the nursery make our life better?

Things you may consider:
Trust, care, academia, inspiring, healthy eating, opening hours, and so on

Once you have some values and requirements, it will now be more comfortable to filter out nurseries, and you will know when you visit the right one.Google it and recommendationsHave a browse online using search engines, local forums, local social media pages and reviews.

Personal recommendations of someone who has used or using the service is a great idea. But remember we all make choices for different reasons, do their reasons match your values and needs.Make the callWith your list of nurseries make the call, introduce yourself and ask questions around your values and needs. Even if the list of nurseries is very long, that list will dramatically reduce after the calls.

Notes for the call:

  • Ask for the manager
  • You’re listening out for the natural passion, love and good feelings.
  • Are they polite and helpful?

Visit the nurseryNow that you have a shortlist book a visit. You should be able to call or email for a viewing.

Before viewings make a few notes of questions helping you understand if they meet your values and needs, don’t take too long on this because your emotions will be necessary for the next bit.

During the viewing

Our top questions to ask yourself:

  1. Are the children happy and busy?
  2. Are the staffs overall happy and caring? Keep in mind one person can be having a bad day but not all of them
  3. Is the manager welcoming and transparent with answers?
  4. What are their values?
  5. Do their values match mine?

Legal stuff:

  • Ofsted registration should be on display
  • Adult to Child ratios are; 0-1 years 1:3, 2-3 years 1:4 and 3+years 1:8
  • Insurance certificate on display

Make your choiceNow you have all your information, but you might still be a bit unsure about something. Give the nursery a call and be honest.
Then listen to your gut on this, you probably know which one you like.

Don’t worry about registration fees and timescales; if you want the nursery; join.

Now go and have fun, you will know it when you see it!!! Did you enjoy this article?View more in the Education Hub

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