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Transparency is the only way we can be trustworthy.

Keep it simple

Keep it simple so all can understand and be included.

Nature is great

Nature is great, we want to keep it that way!

Wellbeing is paramount

Underperformance, misconduct or negligence are not tolerated.

Compassionate Innovators

Central to our approach is creating “compassionate innovators” a phrase we have coined to encapsulate the Purple Jay Way of childcare that has been developed through hard research, decades of cumulative childcare experience across our team, and detailed parent surveys.

In a nutshell, the approach is “to help nurture children that can innovate and create the life they want in a way that is compassionate to themselves, others around them and the planet”.

See below for details on what the approach is, and how it is backed by specialists, research and our parents. Find out more about it below…

“To help nurture children that can innovate and create the life they want in a way that is compassionate to themselves, others around them and the planet”.

A “compassionate innovator” is someone who has the confidence, mindset and practical tools to come up with and realise their ideas but does so in a way that honours and integrates emotional intelligence.

This means the ability to understand and manage their own emotional wellbeing, a sensitivity and understanding of the emotions of those around them, and compassion for the planet and how their actions impact their immediate environment and mother earth as a whole.

We believe, and our research demonstrates, that those that have high emotional intelligence (compassionate) and have the mindset, confidence and tools come up with and execute their ideas (innovative) are the ones that will be best prepared for the fast past, rapidly changing coming decades.

And all of this starts early. This is where we come in.

Purple Jay Nurseries are committed to doing our part to create compassionate innovators for the future by providing your child with the right support, environment and resources to enable them to “explore discover and create” in a way that is and emotionally intelligent.

Backed by research

The Purple Jay Approach to childcare; creating “compassionate innovators” is backed by growing research.

Core to the philosophy are three focus areas; emotional intelligence, innovation/creativity, nature. To help nurture child that can innovative and create the life they want in a way that is compassionate to themselves, others around them and the planet.


  • See here for a brilliant summary of multiple research studies on the tremendous benefits of nature on children.
  • See here, here, here and here for some research on the benefits of developing emotional intelligence for children.
  • See here, here and here for the benefits of developing creativity and innovation for children.

Our Curriculum

Our aim is to empower and motivate children, giving them the tools they need to keep learning well into adulthood. We place a high important in the development of your child, their social skills and emotional intelligence.

Reggio Teaching Methods

Some of the Reggio teaching methods we use:


  • Creating short and long term projects
  • Children creating hypothesis and experimenting in their learning
  • Strong community around the child
  • Parents are partners to our teaching
  • Child focused interests
  • Independent learning and sustainable thinking
  • Teachers support the child’s learning and must be prepared to learn from the child


    Created by Maria Montessori (1870-1952), the Montessori method has 5 main principles;

    • Respect for the Child
    • The Absorbent Mind
    • Sensitive Periods
    • The Prepared Environment
    • Auto education

    Not Forgetting The Simple Things!

    Whilst we’re driven to constantly improve our childcare offering and focusing on our ambitious vision of creating a world of compassionate innovators, we don’t ever take our eyes off the simple things that we have to get right, at all times, no matter what, which include; child safety, security & nutrition.

    Safety & Security

    We take safety and security very seriously. We invest heavily in ensuring our nurseries are always as safe and secure as possible and are routinely reviewing and improving our procedures and protocols.

    We cover all bases so you can have the peace of mind you deserve.


    We believe healthy nutrition is vital to good mental and physical wellbeing. We provide all our children with fresh, healthy, varied, nutritionally balanced meals that are cooked, on-site, every day, by our trained kitchen staff.

    We have robust procedures ensuring children that have any food intolerances/allergies are protected.

    Honest reviews

    Happy Families

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    I am so happy that my daughter is at this nursery.

    I am so happy that my daughter is at this nursery. She has been so happy here since day one. Her days are fun filled and I really appreciate the weekly summary of what they got up to. A big positive for me is the huge outdoor space and the team here use it as best as possible. She has made lots of lovely little friends and she is very happy with her teachers too.

    Susan J

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    The nursery has a really friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

    All the children have access to the big garden at different points throughout the day, and they have a wide range of quality and stimulating resources to play with indoors and outside, including a construction area, mud garden and water play area. I’m always amazed at the different activities they do as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Purple Jay!

    Charlotte M

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Staff are friendly and have a genuine interest in the children.

    Both my daughter and I have had a very positive experience at Purple Jay. The staff are very friendly and have a genuine interest in the children and their well being. Communication is very good, with staff providing answers to my questions soon after I contact them. My daughter is very comfortable approaching all staff members. I would recommend this nursery.

    Susan W

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