Baby day nurseries

Our team of loving and passionate carers have been hand-selected look after your child and provide them with the care they need at our day care nurseries in South East London.

We are passionate about providing proper nutrition and encouraging physical activities. These are both vital in giving your child the best possible environment to develop in. In your child’s early years, we can help them get the head-start they need in their educational journey. This is why we have been rated “GOOD” by OFSTED!

Why choose us?

As a family-run all-day nursery, we understand how to provide young children an environment where they can be safe and yet stimulated to learn. We help them develop new skills, grow in confidence and learn at their own pace, so they are equipped with the tools they need when they start school.

Life at our nurseries

At our OFSTED-certified day care nurseries, we have in-house chefs ready to take care of your child’s nutritional needs. We also provide a range of age-appropriate toys made out of natural materials.

Additionally, we understand that your child’s safety is your biggest concern, which is why we have CCTV cameras situated throughout our nurseries. This gives you peace of mind to continue with your busy day, knowing your child is being well looked after.

Our meal and sleep routine

Would you like to speak to us?

If you’d like more information on how your child could benefit from the Purple Jay outstanding baby day care nursery, please contact us.