montessori teaching

Our team use the Montessori approach as part of their teaching. This child-centred technique uses specialist teachings and materials, such as group or individual play. Our aim is to make the children’s learning as fun and exciting as possible.

what is the montessori approach?

In Montessori classrooms, children are able to make creative choices in their own learning, whilst the teacher and their surroundings help support the process. Based on their natural interests, children are able to learn through their own experiences and at their own pace.

For children up to three years, Montessori:

provides a safe, engaging, nurturing learning environment
promotes trust in themselves and the world around them
develops coordination, fine motor skills and language
develops their confidence in
their abilities
offers opportunities to gain natural independence

Above all else, the Montessori approach means children have the ability to explore their world, understand their strengths and develop their strengths in an open, playful and inspiring way.

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