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What is our approach to children, parents and staff?

Here you can see a brief summary of our approach to children, parents and staff. But we strongly urge you to click the buttons below to take you to further info about our approach in all these areas.


Transparency is the only way we can be trustworthy.

Keep it simple

Keep it simple so all can understand and be included.

Nature is great

Nature is great, we want to keep it that way!

Wellbeing is paramount

Underperformance, misconduct or negligence are not tolerated.


Our approach to our children, parents and staff

For Children

Central to our approach is creating “compassionate innovators”.

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For Parents

We offer some unique things to parents that most nurseries don’t.

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For Staff

How do we keep our staff team supported, trained and engaged?

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Discovery and Creation

Our approach to our children, parents and staff


Our approach involves providing the best quality environment possible for children to explore, discover and create – allowing them to follow their own curiosity, intuition and interests with support from our trained staff.

We place a special emphasis on developing emotional intelligence, innovation and creativity within a natural environment in a manner that fits within the EYFS framework to ensure all key milestones are met.

Purple Jay believes in holistic child development, borrowing the best from a number of popular childcare approaches and placing a consistent focus on emotional and physical wellbeing.


We believe happy parents are as important as happy children and strive to provide parents with all the information and support they need to feel comfortable and satisfied.

We provide granular updates of your child’s day, giving you full visibility, monthly observations of your child so you can see how they are doing alongside milestones, regular parents events (education and social), a parents community group, and regular parent surveys so you can communicate your likes/dislikes so we know what to do more/less of, for your satisfaction.

We take communication very seriously and encourage regular two-way dialogue between parents and staff, providing you with multiple ways of getting updates and getting in touch with us . We use these conversations to continuously improve, for you and your children. We hire carefully and invest heavily in our people. They are crucially important to the quality of the Purple Jay Nurseries experience.


There are regular training and development opportunities, monthly awards with prizes, away days, and company lunches. Further, our people receive a generous benefits package which includes comprehensive healthcare coverage and a day off for their birthday, plus much more.

We routinely carry out staff surveys to find out what we are doing well and can do better for our people, and ask our parents about our staff too. We use this data to continually improve our staff approach, which benefits them, you and your children.

Honest reviews

Happy Families

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I am so happy that my daughter is at this nursery.

I am so happy that my daughter is at this nursery. She has been so happy here since day one. Her days are fun filled and I really appreciate the weekly summary of what they got up to. A big positive for me is the huge outdoor space and the team here use it as best as possible. She has made lots of lovely little friends and she is very happy with her teachers too.

Susan J

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The nursery has a really friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

All the children have access to the big garden at different points throughout the day, and they have a wide range of quality and stimulating resources to play with indoors and outside, including a construction area, mud garden and water play area. I’m always amazed at the different activities they do as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Purple Jay!

Charlotte M

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Staff are friendly and have a genuine interest in the children.

Both my daughter and I have had a very positive experience at Purple Jay. The staff are very friendly and have a genuine interest in the children and their well being. Communication is very good, with staff providing answers to my questions soon after I contact them. My daughter is very comfortable approaching all staff members. I would recommend this nursery.

Susan W

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