Our behaviour approach

We take a proactive approach to developing positive behaviour in our nurseries. Your children will soon be able to learn the social skills of sharing, taking turns, negotiating, helping and respecting others. How do they do this? Through play of course!

Our aims for positive behaviour

At the same time, they will also learn this from the adults around them, namely our passionate nursery staffs. Children will watch them behaving politely, and will see the benefits of this positive behaviour.

Throughout their time with us, we will aim to help children:

  • Participate in group activities and develop the skills of sharing and taking turns in their play
  • Ask for help and be willing to receive help or advice from others
  • Follow simple instructions appropriate to their individual phase of their development
  • Enjoy and respond well to praise
  • Develop skills of concentration when involved in both self-initiated and adult-directed activities
  • Demonstrate good manners at all times
  • Show consideration and respect for the nursery equipment, resources and other people’s belongings
  • Establish consistency in behavioural responses between home and nursery, and when spending time with different adults
  • Choose how to behave and to take responsibility for their own behaviour

How we achieve this

To achieve our aims for positive behaviour, our team strive to:

  • Recognise the individuality of all children
  • Support each child in developing their own self-esteem and feelings of competence
  • Build a strong and positive learning relationship with children and their families
  • Praise children and acknowledge their positive actions and attitudes
  • Work in partnership with parents and carers by communicating openly
  • Ensure that all children feel valued and respected

Our methods

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge within our staff team, therefore, we have a number of academically proven strategies and methodologies (and a few home remedies) in terms of promoting positive behaviour which we will always advise and discuss with parents/carers who are interested.

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