Our nurseries

Our children learn through experiences and exciting activities, as well as inspiration play and teamwork exercises. Children will be loved, nurtured and educated, ensuring they’re ready for school.

Life at our nurseries

By using the Montessori teaching system, we’re able to help them grow at their own pace, develop their strengths and give them a nurturing environment to learn in. We focus on developing their mathematics, literacy, understanding of the world and expressive arts and design, all in the comfort of a warm, friendly learning environment.

Parents can expect our children to be:

Communicate with confidence to their teachers and peers
Well mannered
Respect and tolerate different cultures and communities
Able to write, use phonics language and complete simple maths sums
Proud of their nursery, our community and most of all themselves

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Purple Jay


As a family run nursery with family values, every child who attends is treated as if they are one of our own. By combining play and learning, we make sure that their time with us is as enjoyable as possible.

Mother Goose

Peckham Rye

Established in 1989, our sister nursery Mother Goose Nursery Peckham Rye has a passionate team of teachers and carers. Take a look at the activities, lessons and schedule that the children enjoy.

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Then take a look at our curriculum and teaching style.

Additional information

Feedback & Reports

From OFSTED reports to information on our daily operations, we understand how important it is for you to stay up to date on our daily operations and the on-going education of your children.

Nutrition, Equipment & CCTV

With in-house chefs and a host of toys made from natural materials, every aspect of our children’s’ education is catered for. Their safety is our highest priority, so we also have CCTV to keep them safe.