Purple Jay

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Our children learn through experiences and exciting activities the teacher provide and create.
We use the Montessori teaching method as well as the forest schools approach.

Children will be love, nurtured and educated allowing them to be ready for school.

Parents should expect our children to be:
Well mannered
Communicate with confidence to their teachers and peers
Able to write, use phonics language and complete simple maths sums
Respect and tolerate different cultures and communities
To be proud of their nursery, our community and most of all themselves


Play allows children to:

  • Interact with peers and adults, understand social cues, emotions of ours, empathy and suitable ways to communicate and met their own needs
  • Carrying out a task that is enjoyable will result in increased thinking, problem solving and ability to concentrate
  • Children learn by merging different ideas and concepts. They do not have the ability to separate curriculum areas when learning.
  • Explore their own ideas and take on board new ideas from others
  • Promote self-discipline. Rewards are short-term fixes, self discipline is the only long term solution, this is accomplished by adults and peers acknowledging achievements.
  • Imagination, creativity and all kinds of symbolic behaviour (reading, writing, drawing, dancing, music, mathematical numbers, algebra, role play and talking) develop and emerge when conditions are favourable for the child.

We adopt a number of different theories and methods to model our own playful approach. The areas to consider are: Personnel, environment, resources, outdoor space.