Pre-school nurseries

During their early years, children are taking on all the experiences and skills they need to continue developing throughout their lives.

At our pre-school nurseries, we have teachers who are passionate about helping children learn through lessons and play. We also encourage activities that teach them emotional intelligence in early childhood, so they get a head-start in life.

Educating for the future

The prime areas that make up the base for children’s health and future success include:

Communication and language skills
Physical development
Personal, social and emotional development

Each of our highly experienced team understands these principles, and make it their sole aim to ensure each child has the support and guidance they need during their pre-school education.

What we teach

We aim to provide your children with a strong foundation within the prime areas above, which will allow them to excel in the future. The focus will be on:

Understanding of the world
Expressive arts and design

How do we plan?

Our outstanding pre-school nursery practitioners plan their activities according to your children’s needs and interests, whilst still focusing on developing their cognitive, emotional and physical abilities through the curriculum.

Once they’ve reached a certain stage of their education, we assess their development through observations and discussions with you so we all know how to help them grow even better.

Do you want to discuss pre-school learning for your child?

Then get in touch with a member of our team today. We’ll be happy to help.