Purple Jay Herne Hill Dulwich Registration Form

Purple Jay Herne Hill Dulwich Registration Form & Payment Page

To secure your registration please;

1. Fill out and submit the below form

2. Then click submit to receive details to pay our “£30 Registration Fee”.

Once form has been filled out and payment made, then you will have registered with us successfully.

This will either place you on our waiting list, if that is what has been agreed, or will be your registration fee that makes up part of your enrolment process to join us. 

Our Fees & Terms

Sessions AvailableUnder 2 YearsOver 2 Years15 Hours Free
(Early Years Grant)
30 Hours Free
(Early Years Grant)
Monthly FeesWeekly EquivalentMonthly FeesWeekly EquivalentMonthly FeesWeekly EquivalentMonthly FeesWeekly Equivalent
5 days£1,790.00£429.60£1,660.00£398.40£1,360.00£326.40£1,060.00£254.40
4 days£1,580.00£379.20£1,460.00£350.40£1,160.00£278.40£860.00206.40
3 days£1,260.00£302.40£1,120.00£268.80£820.00£196.80£520.00£124.80
2 days£890.00£213.60£790.00£189.60£490.00£117.60£390.00£93.60


1. i. Application and Registration Fee: Submission of a completed application form and payment of a non-refundable registration fee of £30 places your child on the nursery’s waiting list; However, inclusion on a waiting list does not guarantee a place or starting date.

1. Ii. Provisional Offer: You will be contacted either by letter, email or telephone when a place is expected to become available that matches your requirements. This is a provisional offer and can sometimes only be confirmed within two months of your proposed starting date.

1. Iii. Reservation: Payment of a refundable deposit (currently £300) reserves the place once offered. However, the deposit is refundable only if the child goes on to commence a place in the nursery and provided that two months written notice is given of the child leaving.

1. iv: Enrolment: Completion of your child’s Entry Profile forms and signed Agreement secures the reserved place and confirms the agreed starting date. Parents/carers are not charged for the settling-in period that children spend in the nursery prior to their starting date.

1. v: Trial Period: The first two weeks that a child spends in nursery (not including the settling-in period prior to a child’s actual start date) are considered as a trial period. At the end of this period, if it is found either by the parent/carer or by the nursery that the child is unable to settle into nursery life, then you are not required to give two months’ notice; however, your deposit and first month’s fees will not be refunded.

Fee Payments

2. i. Monthly Fees: Fees are payable each month in advance on or before the first day of each month. Unless exceptional agreement is made for payment to be made in another way, all payments must be made in full by Standing Order dated for the first day of each month. Standing Order Mandate forms are available in the nursery.

2. ii. Full Months: Fees are always charged and payable for full months, regardless of the day during the month on which a child leave.

2. iii. Weekly Equivalents: Prices quoted on the Fee Rates sheet as ‘Weekly Equivalents’ are for information and comparison only: the nurseries do not accept weekly payments. The ‘weekly equivalents’ have been calculated over the 51 weeks that the nurseries are open.

2. iv. Late Charges: A late charge of £15 will be applied to any fees received into the nursery’s account after the 5th day of the month. A further additional charge of £15 will be applied each week whilst fees, or any part of the fees, remain unpaid.

2. v. Unpaid Fees: If fees and outstanding balances are not paid without prior arrangement having been made within fifteen days of the due date, the nursery reserves the right to remove the child from the register without warning.

2. vi. Failed Payments: If a Standing Order or cheque payment does not clear the bank, you will be charged the equivalent of the bank charges and will be required to replace the payment by an inter-bank transfer, If any further payment does not clear the bank, then all future payments must be made by inter-bank transfer.

2. vii. Voucher Payments: The nursery will accept voucher payments from accredited childcare voucher companies if these are paid monthly directly to the nursery’s account. However, where voucher payments are received after the fifth day of the month, the nursery may assign these to the following month’s fees. Where this is likely to happen on a regular basis, parents using vouchers will need to pay their first month’s fees in full themselves. viii. Third Party Payments: Payment of fees by third parties will only be acceptable where this has been agreed in advance by the nursery. Parents/Carers will remain responsible for any late or failed payments.

Reduced Rates

4. i. Reduced rates for 2-year olds: Reduced rates of fees for children over 2 years of age will apply from the beginning of the month after children reach the age of two.

4. ii. FEEE (Education Grant): Children normally become entitled to Education Grant (FEEE) from the term after their third birthday (counted as 1st September 1st January and 1st April) and reduced rates will normally apply from these dates. For example, a child born on March 20th would receive grant from 1st April; however, a child born on April 12th, would only receive grant from 1st September. Any child who, for whatever reason, does not receive Education Grant will be charged fees at the full rate for over 2’s.

Sessions & Times

5.i. Minimum Sessions: In normal circumstances, the nursery does not take children for fewer sessions than two full days or three half days and advise parents/carers that some children find it difficult to settle into nursery if they are attending for fewer than two full days.


6. i. Changes in Days: Where parents/Carers wish to change from part-time to full-time or full-time to part-time, or where part-time children wish to change their days, this will be considered as a request for a new place and the normal rules concerning notice and availability of places will apply. Changes to the days or terminations will only be commenced at the beginning of the month.

6. ii. Full and Part-time Places: The nursery allocates a certain number of places as full-time, 4, 3 and 2-day places. Parents who wish to reduce their child’s number of days should not, therefore, assume that a reduced days place will automatically be available to them.

6. iii. Monday and Friday Places: To make sure that the nursery is as full as possible across the whole week, it is often necessary to require parents to include either a Monday or a Friday in any offer of a part-time place or a reduced sessions place.

6. iv. Giving Notice: Parents/Carers of children leaving the nursery are required to give two months written notice: if such notice is given, the child’s deposit will be deducted from their final month’s fees. If full notice is not given, the deposit will not be refunded, and the parent/carer will be liable to pay fees for the whole two-month period for which notice has not been given.

6. v. Fee Increases: Nursery fees are reviewed annually in the light of the nursery’s costs and market factors. Fees are normally adjusted, and new fees charged from April each year although this may vary.

6. vi. Changes to Terms and Conditions: These Terms and Conditions are reviewed annually, and the current terms are made available to parents on the reverse of the Fee Rates Sheet that is circulated each year prior to April. The terms, and any revisions to them, apply to all parents and carers of children in the nursery, both new and existing.