Our People Approach

This page provides a summary of how we approach our staff.

We hire carefully and invest heavily in our staff. They are crucially important to the quality of the Purple Jay Nurseries experience.

There are regular training and development opportunities, monthly awards with prizes, away days, and company lunches. Further, our people receive a generous benefits package which includes comprehensive healthcare coverage and a day off for their birthday, plus much more.

We routinely carry out staff surveys to find out what we are doing well and can do better for our people, and ask our parents about our staff too. We use this data to continually improve our staff approach, which benefits them, you and your children.

Staff Training & Development

Every staff member gets detailed and thorough onboarding and initial training which puts child safety, wellbeing and development at the forefront.

From there, we provide all staff with ongoing training and support that is tailored to them and their individual needs and wants.

All staff are given key performance metrics to adhere to, daily, weekly, and monthly and these are monitored closely.

We take staff training and development incredibly seriously, as we know, the staff are crucial to the quality of service the children, and ultimately, the parents, get.

Competition & Awards

We know it’s vital that our staff are happy, engaged and motivated for them to be able to care for the children effectively, so we invest in a number of initiatives to ensure this, a notable one being The Purple Jay Innovation Awards.

The Awards run once a month, between nurseries, with a different theme per month that surrounds one of our key values. The task is for staff to engage in interesting activities with the children around that theme. The nursery that does so most effectively that month, wins a prize and gets a framed certificate.

The monthly awards get staff working even closer together, communicating more, and working towards a common goal which improves morale, motivation and satisfaction – and, ultimately, benefits the children.


We provide all staff, from practioner to manager, with a generous benefits package.

The package includes comprehensive health care coverage (including alternative medicine, massage and mental health), day off for your Birthday, discounts at hundreds of major retailers, childcare discounts and much more.

We believe that taking care of staff not only leads to more motivated, engaged and satisfied staff, which leads to better care for your children, but also, that it’s just the right thing to do.

You can see the full list of staff benefits by following this link.

Staff Surveys

Beyond cultivating an environment at each nursery where our staff are well looked after and their wellbeing and satisfaction is a main priority, we also regularly survey our staff, to find out what they are happy with, and crucially, what they would like to have improved.

When they fill in the survey, they also always get the opportunity to provide their own additional thoughts, all anonymously.

We take the feedback very seriously. We read, analyse and then formulate a plan of action to improve all identified areas. This leads to a situation where things are always improving in terms of staff performance, morale and satisfaction.

We believe our people are vital to being able to offer a great service to our children

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