Terms & Conditions

Free Early Education Entitlement (Fee)

15 hours and 30 hours free

The nursery offers the free 15 hours for all children from the term after their 3rd Birthday (‘terms’ starting on 1st September 1st January and 1st April), provided that they are not also attending a local authority school nursery.   We also offer 30 hours free for all children that are eligible.  The 15/30 hours free childcare is provided for 38 weeks of the year. However we offer the free hours ‘stretched’ over the full year rather than the 38 weeks.

Parents/carers must contact HMRC to verify if they are entitled to 30 hours of free childcare using this link.

Early Education Funding

For 2 year olds

The 2-year-old 15 hours grant is provided by the local authority (LA), therefore parents/carers must apply directly to their LA normally by online application. If eligible you must provide the nursery with the relevant code.

To apply for this funding, you would have to contact your local authority.

No fees are payable for the 15/30 hours of childcare however there are charges for meals, consumables, any extra curricular activities etc.  Some parents will choose for their children to attend additional hours and these are charged for.  The fees listed above cover the cost for additional hours plus all meals, consumables etc for the whole time they are at the nursery. If you feel you are unable to or do not want to pay the additional fees please discuss with the Nursery Manager.

To receive 15 and 30 hour grants: You will need to provide a copy of your child’s birth certificate as proof of entitlement. For 30 hour grants you must register online with the HMRC website which will provide you with a code to be submitted to the nursery. Once registered parents/carers must update their application with HMRC every term and provide the setting with confirmation. If the HMRC registration or update is not completed on time you will be required to pay the ‘Early years grant 15 hours free’ instead.

We also have a limited number of ‘15/30 free hours’ only places that are offered for 38 weeks of the year (Term Time Only) where there is no additional charges.  Please ask the Nursery Manager for current availability or to be added to the funded only waiting list.

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