Our Parent Approach

This page provides a summary of how we approach our parents.

We provide granular updates of your child’s day, giving you full visibility, monthly observations of your child so you can see how they are doing alongside milestones, regular parents events (education and social), a WhatsApp parents community group, and regular parent surveys so you can communicate your likes/dislikes so we know what to do more/less of, for your satisfaction.

We take communication very seriously and encourage regular two-way dialogue between parents and staff, providing you with multiple ways of getting updates and getting in touch with us . We use these conversations to continuously improve, for you and your children.

Parent Feedback & Reports

We provide feedback/reports to parents about their child in multiple ways via our app and in person;

Daily Routine Updates – We give all parents access to a simple, easy to use, secure app they can access anywhere. It gives them precise, up to date info on their child’s day, giving them full visibility as if they were there!

Daily Newsfeed Updates – We provide photo updates on what the children are up to, daily, via the newsfeed, only visible to nursery parents.

Weekly Activity Updates – We provide weekly photo updates of your child on something interesting/notable they did that week.

Monthly Observations – We provide detailed, monthly observations (text, image and video-based) detailing your child’s progress against the EYFS framework.

Parent Events

We hold a number of educational and social events throughout the year to help parents tackle issues they’re facing, get to know other parents in the local community to build up their own support networks and just mingle and have fun!

Past events have included; Parents BBQ Social, Children’s Book Fair, Child Sleep Event (with special speaker Iva Faulknerova)

Additionally, part of our culture is inviting parents to get involved with the children at the nursery on key dates, e.g. on Mothers Day, Easter, Christmas through interesting, engaging activities.

Parent Community

We understand how daunting and confusing it can be being a parent sometimes, and how lonely it can be at times, especially in a city like London. This is why we give all new parents access to a private, exclusive WhatsApp group community, with all the other nursery parents.

The group community works completely independently of us, but there is an assigned rep that you can feedback any issues/concerns to, which they will relay to us, to be addressed.

Parent Surveys

We truly believe that happy parents are as important as happy children. We survey all parents twice a year to find what they like about us, and crucially, where they feel we can improve.

We take the feedback incredibly seriously. We read, analyse and then take action on improvement suggestions, and communicate that to parents throughout, involving them in the process as much as they would like to be.

Beyond the twice a year survey, we welcome feedback, good or bad, at any time, and have open channels of communication via email, phone or live chat.

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