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If you are a journalist, blogger or similar and need a quote or insight regarding anything to do with the childcare sector in London, and nationally, then Purple Jay Nurseries can help.

About Purple Jay Nurseries

Purple Jay Nurseries is a fast-growing, innovative nursery group based primarily in South-East London with four nurseries currently: Peckham Rye, East Dulwich, Lambeth, Lewisham.

The Purple Jay Approach to childcare places an emphasis on developing emotional intelligence, creativity/innovation in an environment that is natural, all in a way that fulfils EYFS criteria. We term this; “Creating Compassionate Innovators”.

Purple Jay Nurseries approach was borne out experimentation, decades of cumulative childcare experience, academic research and detailed parent surveys. The resulting approach is one that that is supported by all of this.

Purple Jay Nurseries take a data driven and continuous improvement approach. Asking questions, collecting data, analysing it and drawing insights.

Distilling down to what we need to do more and less of for our children, staff, parents and wider community – and then taking the appropriate actions.

About PeopleBunch

PeopleBunch is a software product that was developed from the ground up by Purple Jay Nurseries. It is the first people and regulation management tool aimed specifically at UK schools and nurseries.

For people management features include career development and performance monitoring, rota scheduling, timesheet management, risk & safeguarding logging & management, inventory logging & management and more.

For regulation management, features include OFSTED project management and pre and during inspection day checklists.

Broadly, PeopleBunch frees up staff time, saves nurseries money and better ensures they are compliant, by enabling a lot of the monotonous, mundane paperwork to be handled by an efficient, streamlined software tool. Making things faster, cleaner, more accurate and more organised for all.

What Makes Us Special?

1. Creating Compassionate Innovators

2. Integrating

3. Prioritising

Central to our approach is creating “compassionate innovators” a phrase we have coined to encapsulate the Purple Jay way of childcare that has been developed through hard research, decades of cumulative childcare experience across our team, and detailed parent surveys.

The approach is “to help nurture children that can innovate and create the life they want in a way that is compassionate to themselves, others around them and the planet”.

“Compassionate Innovators” puts the development of emotional intelligence and creativity/innovation at the very heart of things.

See here for some of the research supporting our approach.

Nature is integrated into every one of our Purple Jay Nurseries.

Whether that is through continued investment into our gardens and prioritisation of outdoor play, working harder to ensure more of the children’s activities take nature into account, or working with trusted and vetted external parties to deliver enriching nature based experiences for the children.

We seek to give children an awareness, understanding and appreciation of the natural world and the impact their actions can have on it, for better or worse.

Our experience shows, and mounting research supports, that making nature a bigger part of children’s lives has numerous physical and mental health benefits for them.

See here for a summary of research on the benefits of nature for children.

Great communication with our staff, parents, and children allows for calm, clarity, consistency and greater satisfaction overall.

Purple Jay Nurseries continues to invest significant time and resources to help ensure our parents have all the information they need, when they need it, in a way they are most receptive to so they feel as connected as possible to their children while they are in our care and get the vital peace of mind they deserve.

We have multiple open communication channels for parents to utilise and have a dedicated customer care staff member, which, more than anything, demonstrates how important communication is to us.

What Makes Us Special?

1. Creating Compassionate Innovators

2. Integrating

3. Prioritising

How We Can Help Press


We can provide you with fast, accurate and insightful quotes/insights about anything related to the UK, and specifically the London nursery and childcare sector.

Full Length Interview

Our CEO, Jarrod Ayling is open to opportunities from the media/content creators to provide full length interview. We may also be able to involve some of our staff team, if required.

Panel/Group Discussion

Our CEO, Jarrod Ayling, and some members of our staff team are open to taking part in panel discussions on topics related to the childcare sector in the UK or London.

Press Clippings

BBC Interview CEO Jarrod Ayling & Purple Jay Lambeth Staff

BBC Feature interviewing Purple Jay Nurseries CEO Jarrod Ayling at Purple Jay Lambeth, on the effects of the cost of living crisis on his business and staff and what the company has done to help overcome it. Also interviewing staff to get their opinions on the crisis and how Purple Jay Nurseries interventions have helped.

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