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The Ultimate Brockley Cafe Guide

Aug 12, 2022

The Ultimate Brockley Cafe Guide

It’s been a while since everyone has felt safe enough to go out to lunch or meet friends for a quick bite before going on with their busy lives. Yet, it is all slowly returning back to normal, you have been called to work at the office again and once you find your outside clothes you definitely should meet your mates at one of the best café’s in Brockley, and don’t you worry, we saved you the trouble by compiling a list for you. Convenient!

Deja Brew Café

We’re gonna be honest with you, this one might be on the list purely because of the name, however it’s great menu options from a good ol’ fry up breakfast to burgers earns it a spot on the top 10 Café’s in Brockley list. Deja Brew is a family run café and we speculate that either the coffee, food or service is so good that you go back all the time and it feels like déjà vu. Their slogan says “We make food that makes you happy” and who doesn’t like to be happy? 

George’s Cafe Brockley

Next on the list we bring you Italian pasta and coffee and a whole bunch of other delicious sweet treats such as pastries and cakes. At George’s Café you can choose to have pasta for breakfast and cakes for tea. We won’t judge at all, we’re probably there, knee deep in some pastries and coffee. George’s is also a family run business where all their pastas, cakes and pastries are made from scratch every morning. *Excuse me, you are drooling a bit*

Arlo & Moe

Arlo & Moe has 3 establishments, one of them, conveniently located in Crofton Park where you are sure to find delicious breakfast and lunch (or if you are feeling fancy or hungry, brunch) options as well as the kind of coffee that makes you want to say “Arlo love”. The café has WiFi for those remote workers who need their regular fix of caffeine to keep those creative juices flowing. 

The Broca

With a vibrant and lively vibe and an even more lively menu we bring you the next café on the top 10 Café’s in Brockley list, The Broca. The café has vegetarian options for those who need and perfect pastries. There are regular art shows being curated in the café to draw out the creative in you while you sip on a lovely coffee. The Broca also boasts its own merchandise in the form of beanies and scarves and they also sell some local brands in the café. Definitely worth a visit.


Don’t you just love a one-word name for a café? It makes you feel like you are going to see a friend. “Where you going?”, “Oh, going to Fred’s for a bite”, and what a bite it is. All homemade, freshly baked and roasted. From their soups and sarmies to their pastries and coffee all made with love at Fred’s, bring the whole family.

Good as Gold

Good as Gold boasts an online shop where you can order their specialty brew and enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Although, the delicious food and atmosphere doesn’t come with the brew AND you still have to make the coffee yourself. You know what, save yourself the hassle and just visit Good as Gold where you can enjoy the coffee made by professionals. 

The Orchard London

As the name suggest, you should have your lunch with wine from The Orchard. Just maybe not on a school day. The Orchard has a vast selection of wines, cocktails and craft beers as well as fabulous food prepared with fresh ingredients, from scratch. What would a café be without coffee, The Orchard has the perfect blend.

Browns of Brockley

Browns of Brockley is a crowd favourite praised for consistency not only on their service but on the absolute fantastic quality of their coffee and freshly baked pastries. Lovely little café conveniently located right by the train station for your needed fix to or from work. We say that is a win in our books, or at least our list.


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